Payroll Earnings Not Received on Payday

Payment not received as expected?

If you did not receive a payment on pay day, first verify that you submitted a timesheet (if applicable) and double-check the pay schedule.

Review pay dates to make sure you know when to expect payment.

Any employee receiving paper paychecks will be mailed their payment from the processing center in Arizona. The payment is mailed on payday and will take several days to arrive at the employee's home address. If payment is not received after 5 days action to replace the check can be taken with UCPath Center. (See instructions on Lost Paycheck page.)

If you recently set up a new account or made changes to your account for direct deposit, it's possible these changes have not yet been fully processed. Direct deposit enrollment and changes to an account already set up for deposit take up to two pay cycles to fully complete. If you have a pay day before your account is set up for deposit your pay will be issued as a paycheck.

If payroll earnings are expected and not received on pay day there are some things you can do to make sure you speed the process of getting paid.

Contact your department payroll representative or Service Channel to confirm a payment was issued:

  • If pay was expected as direct deposit, confirm direct deposit account is activated
  • If pay was expected as paycheck mailed to home address, confirm your check address is correct

Work with your Service Channel payroll team or department payroll representative for resolution.