Asset Global (Add) Document Help

An Asset Global (Add) Document allows FIS users to add an asset, or group of assets.

Gifts from outside individuals and loans from outside companies/agencies are common uses of this document. If adding multiple items on one document, they should be multiples of the same item with same value (e.g., 5 Dell computers with a value of $6500 each). If entering multiple assets, enter the TOTAL amount in the Amount field for ALL the assets on the document, and the total value is divided equally among all the assets (e.g., if quantity of assets to be created is 2, and the Amount entered is $10,000, then each asset will have a value of $5000 each).

The Amount field is required in the Add Payments tab for non-payment adds (such as gifts and loans from outside organizations). The amount is used to validate that the item meets the equipment threshold but be assured that NO payments will be processed against these non-payment adds.

Please note that the asset acquisition types indicated below are for general use by departments. The other codes on the Asset Acquisition Type table are for restricted use by Capital Asset Accounting, Equipment Management, and AggieSurplus only. All Purchased equipment items will be added to CAMS by the Equipment Management Department.

For non-purchased assets being added on the Asset Global document, asset decals are automatically sent to departmental asset representatives for each fully approved Asset Global (Add) document. You do not need to contact Equipment Management for a decal, unless requesting a replacement, or if you would like additional component decals.


See the PDF of the instructions for:


  1. Equipment gift acquisitions require a Campus Gift Acceptance Report to be completed (Campus Gift Acceptance Report Instructions).
  2. Complete an Asset Global (Add) document.Include the Asset Global (Add) document number in the upper right hand corner of the Gift form.
  3. Electronically attach the gift form to the Asset Global (Add) document.
  4. Chart H Hospital cost center account managers: Ad-hoc route the KFS document as Approval Required to Joelene Rodriguez (user ID: JOELENE) in UC Davis Health Clinical Engineering. If the value of the asset is $100,000 or more, ad hoc route the document as Approval Required to Jim Kuhl (user ID: JFKUHL) in UC Davis Health Hospital Finance.


  1. If you find equipment in your department without a UC Davis asset decal, this does not necessarily mean that an asset number was not assigned. Use the Asset Lookup screen in KFS to search on any known criteria, including the serial number, model number, or manufacturer name. If you find no asset number associated with the item, check with neighboring departments to see if it belongs to them. If you find that the item is not on inventory and no department claims it, please complete Asset Global (Add) document.
  2. On your document, add a note indicating where the equipment was found and indicate information on any attempts to locate the former owner department.

Transferred (from another UC campus)

  1. Add a note to your document with the previously-assigned Asset Number (if applicable).
  2. Any supporting documentation from the transferring organization should be electronically attached to your document.


This option is used to report equipment loaned to the university from outside agencies (including governmental and vendor). Visit the Processing Loans from an Outside Vendor guide for instructions.

Non Capital

You can add non-equipment items that have been purchased on a Purchase Order, AggieBuy, or on the Procurement Card.


  1. Asset Representative/Delegate (if not created by them)
  2. Fiscal Officer assigned to account assigned to equipment
  3. Central Offices (e.g., University Relations for gift acquisitions)
  4. Capital Asset Accounting (if adding items at or above the Equipment threshold of $5000)