KFS Chart of Accounts (CoA) Documents

The new UC Davis Chart of Accounts (CoA) will replace the current Full Accounting Unit (FAU) on July 1, 2023. Please visit this page to learn more.

KFS Chart of Accounts (CoA) documents

The Chart of Accounts (CoA) documents in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) are used to create and maintain the attributes used throughout the financial system (e.g., account, organization, billing IDs, etc.).

The CoA module also includes documents used to create and modify workflow/routing (e.g. Account Delegate, Organization Review, etc.)

Financial Accounting

Document Document Type Code Purpose/Use
Account ACCT Create a new account or edit or copy existing accounts; assign a Fiscal Officer (Account Manager) to an account
Account Global GACC Assign identical attributes to multiple accounts on a single document, such as updating the Fiscal Officer on a group of accounts. Note: this document is not used to create a new account, the Account document should be used
Billing ID UCBI Create or modify a Billing ID (e.g., used for department recharges) for an account
Organization ORGN Create or modify an Organization code; an organization can be any level within the university (i.e., a department)
Project Code PROJ Create or modify a Project code; a project code is used to represent a one-time, or intermittent departmental event or activity
Sub-Account SACC Create or modify a Sub-Account; sub-accounts allow departments to subdivide accounts for better tracking of detailed budgets and expenses
Sub-Object Code SOBJ Create or modify a Sub-Object code; sub-object codes allow you to specify a more detailed breakdown of an object code
Sub-Object Code Global GSOB Assign a Sub-object code to a group of accounts at one time


Document Document Type Code Purpose/Use
Account Delegate ADEL Create or modify an account delegate, or add an additional delegate to an account; an account delegate is an individual who the fiscal officer has determined may approve transactions on their behalf
Account Delegate Global GDLG Create or modify an account delegate for a group of accounts at one time. Note: Any changes made on this document will override (remove) any existing delegations set up for the specified account(s).
Account Delegate Model GDLM This optional document may be helpful for departments that have a complex but consistent delegation model and frequently create new accounts (e.g., department involved in sponsored research: each new grant = at least one new account)
Account Delegate Global from Model GDLG Assign one or more accounts to the delegation(s) established on the Account Delegate Model document.
Group --- Create or modify an existing Group within KFS; groups are a selection of individuals who share the collective responsibility of reviewing and/or approving documents; after a group is created, an Organization Review document should be processed to establish routing to the group.
KFS User KFSU Set up or expire access for a KFS user. A KFS user account grants the user access to KFS and DaFIS.
Organization Review OR Create or modify document approvers' and reviewers' attributes for an organization; organization review entries are used by organizations to customize the routing of transaction documents for approval or review, based on attributes such as document type and dollar amount.
Role --- Lookup only, not a document. View the various roles and permissions in KFS.