DTA Best Practices

DTA best practices guide

  • For eligible employees, be sure the option for overtime pay or compensatory time off is correctly selected.

  • As applicable, set up alternate work schedules (4/40, 9/80, Regular, Temporary) for employees in your organization. If this is not done, the timesheet will not correctly calculate overtime for overtime-eligible employees.

  • Make sure you have a Backup supervisor set up for each employee. The Backup Supervisor can approve employee timesheets and submit to the DTA if the Primary supervisor is unavailable. We recommend that you set up the supervisor of the Primary Supervisor as the Backup Supervisor.

  • If an employee has multiple assignments, they will be required to complete a timesheet for each assignment. In some cases, assignments may have the same title code description, making it difficult for employees to identify what each timesheet is for. You help them easily identify what each assignment is for by entering a "nickname" (identifier) for each one. Under the Manage Employee tab, search for the employee, click on the Assignments button and click on the icon next to the Assignment Name in order to add a nickname to the end of the assignment.

  • Make sure UCPath info is correct:

    • Student Employees should be variable, not fixed time

    • Make sure other employees are set up correctly for fixed and variable time

  • Submit the timesheet to the UCPath by the posted deadline.