Printing Documents from KFS

Print from KFS only when needed.

In general, printing from KFS is discouraged, but you may occasionally have a need to print a copy of a document.

The information below applies to the printing of documents other than Purchase Order documents. In order to print a Purchase Order, click on the Print or Re-Print button at the bottom of a fully approved PO document.

Print from inside KFS:

  1. Click on the printer icon in the upper right corner of most documents and lookup screens in KFS.
  2. This print icon will format the document/screen in the best possible way for printing purposes.


Print a document from the Internet browser:

  1. Locate the document, then right-click and select the "open in a new window" option.
  2. Use the File Print option that is available on your Internet browser.
    We recommend using the landscape, not portrait option for best results.