Delegation Of Authority And Responsibility

Administrative Officials may assign duties to assist in carrying out administrative and financial responsibilities.

Central administrative support units are available to assist Administrative Officials with questions or issues requiring in-depth knowledge of laws, regulations, policies and procedures. These support units act as resources by providing expertise and guidance in establishing the appropriate systems and procedures to help carry out administrative and financial responsibilities. In addition, they are available to advise Administrative Officials relating to matters of protecting the integrity and legal interests of the university. 

Administrative Officials may have several reporting relationships. For example, the Business Officers for the School of Medicine (SOM) departments are accountable to both their department Chair and to the Health Sciences Chief Financial Officer. Each reporting relationship is important because it improves the information flow between various critical areas of campus and departmental administrators. It is important to understand these relationships and to foster open lines of communication.

This section of the handbook discusses the areas of responsibility that an Administrative Official can delegate, cannot delegate and areas of potential risk. Information about current delegations of authority and the responsible Administrative Official is available at the Delegation of Authority Information page. 

The following sections will be covered:

  1. Academic Affairs & Research Affairs
  2. Conflict of Interest
  3. Construction and Use of Space
  4. Emergency Management and Mission Continuity
  5. Environment, Health and Safety
  6. Finance
  7. Human Resources
  8. Information Systems/Data Integrity
  9. Workers’ Compensation
  10. Occupational Health Services
  11. Risk Management