Manual I-181 & I-618 Files

Manual Payroll Interface Files - I-181 & I-618

Guidance on processing manual UCPath Interface files impacting Payroll, including roles and responsibilities for Department/Service Channels, Payroll and UCPath Center.

Department/Service Channel

  • Identifies the need for processing a manual I-181 or I-618


  • Validates Excel Template for I-181 & I-618 to ensure formatting is valid for processing

UCPath Center

  • Validates Interface File and processes successful rows.
  • Rejects errors onto an E-010 report for corrections

Process Steps to populate I-181 or I-618

  1. Open template for I-181 to process hours only or I-618 to process amounts only
  2. Navigate to Job Data in order to obtain the following information needed to process the file:
  • Employee Record
  • Position Number

Navigation:  PeopleSoft Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

  1. Key in the Current Pay Cycle Period End Date in the following format: MMDDYYYY
    • To ensure your date is in the proper format, use “Text” from the formatting dropdown
    • The Pay Period End Date MUST be the current cycle, you should not prior or future period end dates.
  2. Key in the Earnings Begin and Earnings End Dates

Note: The I-181 must be reported by day, whereas the I-618 can be reported by pay period.

  1. Key the Earnings Code

Note: Some Earnings Codes are now split, one for hourly employees and one for salaried employees.

  1. Key in the Hours for I-181 and Amount for I-618
  2. Save Excel Template using the Interface and Pay Period End Date in your file name
    • EX: “I-181 PPE 09212019”

Process Steps to Send I-181 or I-618 for Upload

Each Service Channel has designated a select group of individuals who can use the following link for getting their manual file to Central Payroll:

  1. After saving your Excel Template, fill out the form indicating:
    • The type of Interface file
    • The submitter’s name
    • Which Service Channel the file is from
    • A Brief Message
  2. Once submitted, Central Payroll will review all files received and consolidate into 1 manual file for processing to UCPC
  3. UCPC will process successful rows. An E-010 will generate for rows with errors.
  4. If an E-010 generates, Central Payroll will take a high level look and distribute errors out to the responsible Service Channel for review and resubmission on a correction file.
  5. Submission for corrections files will follow the same process as the initial manual file.

Sample I-181 

I-181 Sample

Sample I-618

I-618 Sample