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A Day in the Peet’s Coffee Roastery

July 16, 2019
Students who had previously taken the popular Design of Coffee class were offered the opportunity to tour the Peet's Roastery, an exciting experience for any coffee enthusiast.

AggieBudget Final Budget Cycle FY18/19

August 09, 2018
Moving from Budget to Final Budget AggieBudget Plan Files will be open for editing mid-August, after the close of June Final in KFS, through mid-September, closing before Q1 reporting. Unit leadership will decide if plan files will be open to edit by all users. For more information on your unit’s user access, please contact your Dean’s or Vice Chancellor’s Office.

Coffee Deals Bring New Beans and Benefits

April 25, 2017

By Dave Jones

UC Davis announced today (April 25) it has two new coffee supply contracts that, besides putting new java brands in our cups and mugs, will support our students and academics in a big way.