Brand Partnership System

The Brand Partnership System concerns the use of UC Davis trademarks and identity assets in which an external entity wishes to co-brand with UC Davis.

This document concerns the use of UC Davis trademarks and identity assets in which an external entity wishes to co-brand with UC Davis. What follows is a framework for locking up UC Davis trademarks with marks or names of external entities like businesses, government programs and non-profits. All other external, commercial applications of UC Davis trademarks and identity assets are governed by the UC Davis Trademark Licensing program. Examples of this include for-sale items such as logo wear, promotional items like branded pens and keychains and other retail items. In these instances the UC Davis assets are not locked up with external trademarks, but would appear as stand-alone branding.

Brand Partnership

All uses of UC Davis trademarks on commercial entity advertising, social media sites or within a brand lock up must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Preferred Partnership Program . Please send all approvals to the Executive Director at . For any questions, please call (530) 754-0633 .

Trademark Licensing Program

All non-cobranded use of UC Davis trademarks for promotional items, retail items, etc ., must be approved by the UC Davis Trademark Licensing Program. Trademark Licensing promotes and protects the use of the university’s name and logos by licensing high quality products to enhance and elevate the image of the university while creating increased brand awareness in the retail marketplace. Additionally, the program seeks to grow the UC Davis community through the active engagement of “Aggie Pride.” Students, faculty, staff, alumni and fans directly support the university and its efforts by purchasing officially licensed merchandise.

  • All campus departments are required to use a licensed vendor when creating product that includes UC Davis trademarks .
  • For campus stakeholders looking to create a product that includes the UC Davis trademarks, please visit for additional information .
  • For questions, please contact: Jasmin Bush, Director of Marketing, UC Davis (530) 752-8694

cobranding uc davis pepsiThis is an example of co-branding, which leverages the power of both brands to elevate a product or service. Here a lockup of Pepsi and UC Davis could appear on banners, promotional materials or product containers .


uc davis merchaniseThis is a Trademark-Licensing application of a UC Davis identity asset: A wholesaler or retailer creates a UC Davis-branded sweater for sale . There is no lockup . The trademark is used only to increase the retail value of the item .




Download Full Brand Partnership System (PDF)