Student Record Privacy

Federal regulations prohibit UC Davis from releasing student information (records) to third parties (including parents, spouses or relatives) without written consent from the student. All students’ information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

To grant access to others to your student account you must set them up as an Authorized User on MyBill. You will need an email address for the Authorized User to get access. Authorized User provides you and your parents an easy way to share and discuss information with us, view some of your UC Davis financial information, and conduct business online, in person, by email and over the phone with the Student Accounting Office. With Authorized User, you can choose not only who can view your information, but just how much they can access. You can authorize users to view all or selected data within MyBill. Please note that except for making a payment, Authorized Users will NOT be allowed to update your records. Authorized Users would not be able to view your student’s class schedule or grades. Additional authorization might be needed at the Office of the University Registrar and/or the Financial Aid Office.