Sponsorship & Scholarship


Outside Scholarship Check Information

  1. Checks must be payable to “UC Regents“.
  2. Reference students name with payment.
  3. Reference UC Davis student ID# with payment.
  4. Reference what quarter funds are to be disbursed (For Example: Fall 2018 or prorate over 2018/19 academic year).
  5. UC Davis contact person for outside scholarships:

Cherie Hood

Student Accounting

2100 Dutton Hall Davis, CA 95616

Email: sponsor@ucdavis.edu 

Phone: (530) 752-3646

Fax: (530) 752-5718

Scholarships must be received prior to the fee payment deadline to be credited to student balance, or could result in courses being dropped.

  1. Outside scholarships are disbursed along with financial aid each quarter.
  2. UC Davis Fee Payment Deadline dates:  Sept 15th, Dec 15th, Mar 15th, Jun 15th, July 15th.
  3. Outside scholarships are not to be confused with Campus Scholarships which are awarded thru Financial Aid.

Where do I send my scholarship check?

University of California, Davis

Cashier & Payment Solutions Office

P O Box 989062

West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062

UPS or FedEx Deliveries

University of California, Davis

Cashier & Payment Solutions Office

1200 Dutton Hall

Davis, CA 95616



Sponsored Third-Party Student Billing

Sponsored students are those students who are enrolled at UC Davis, and require UC Davis to bill an outside agency (public or private sector sponsor including: military agency, educational institution, and international embassy) for tuition and fees.

Agency payments made directly to a student, or reimbursements to a student, are not considered third-party agreements.

Student Accounting prepares and sends bills for tuition and fees, maintains agency and graduate student third-party accounts, and handles all correspondence regarding third-party agreements. 

Important Information: As a student with a third-party contract application, you are responsible for providing Student Accounting with the sponsor authorization or government training voucher before the fee payment deadline.  If your third party contract application and sponsor authorization has not been received by September 1, 2018 you will risk the sponsor fee credit not being posted to your account.  Which could result in you being dropped from your classes.  In addition, you must ensure that any remaining balance not covered by your sponsor is paid (by either you and/or your home department) by the Fee Payment Deadline.  If you personally owe a portion of the balance due on your MyBill account, please visit MyBill at http://mybill.ucdavis.edu

Invoices are billed after the University add/drop date.  If your sponsor does not make payment by the appropriate billing deadline, the sponsor fee credit will be removed from your student account. 

It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up with their sponsor to ensure payment is made accordingly.

The third-party authorization are e-mailed to  sponsor@ucdavis.edu, faxed to (530)752-5718, submitted in person or mailed to:

University of California, UC Davis
Student Accounting
PO Box 989062
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062

There is no standard sponsor authorization form.  For example, some agencies provide a letter on business letterhead stating what they are willing to pay.  Others may provide a formal contract.  Regardless of the format, all sponsor authorizations are considered contractual agreements, and the following information must be included in order for the request to be processed:

  • Student's name
  • Student's ID number (University ID)
  • Specific charges and academic quarters the sponsor will pay. (Note: Student Accounting will not bill your sponsor for books, parking, application fees, or late fees.)
  • Sponsor billing address
  • Name, signature and contact information of person authorizing the contract
  • Sponsor email billing address
  • Purchase order number (for government contracts)

A sponsor fee credit should appear on your student account shortly following receipt of the contract.  The credit indicates that Student Accounting has posted a temporary credit on your behalf in anticipation of the receipt of funds from your sponsoring agency.  The credit on your account does not mean that the University has received the actual payment.

A sponsor with a past due balance may have its billing privileges terminated.  Students should be aware that they are ultimately responsible for any defaults in payments by the sponsoring agency.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS-Financial Guarantee Letters supplied for Admission purposes are not acceptable for third-party billing purposes.