Sponsored Student Information

The following steps must be completed at the beginning of your sponsorship period.  If we don't receive the following completed documentation your sponsor fee credit will not be posted to your account.

  1. A Third Party Contract Application (TPC) must be completed online. You will sign in with your Kerberos and passphrase to complete the form.  If you are having problems with the online form you will contact Cherie Hood at sponsor@ucdavis.edu or (530)752-3646.  This contract application must be completed on a yearly/quarterly basis depending on your sponsor authorization. No sponsor fee credit will be placed on the students account until the TPC is submitted online by the student.
  2. A valid Sponsor Authorization must be submitted (yearly/quarterly) via email at sponsor@ucdavis.edu.

No later than the sponsor deadline of:

  • Sep 1st for Fall quarter,
  • Dec 1st for Winter quarter
  • Mar 1st for Spring quarter
  • Jun 1st for Summer
Note: Professional students may have different summer dates.

Student Reminders

  • On the Tuition and Fees website some sponsors may want this prior to issuing an authorization.  Note: Rates are subject to change.
  • Students must register in your classes as soon as pass 1 appointment time allows. For more information see the Registration website.
  • To waive out of the Health Insurance, students may apply for the SHIP waiver on their website . For more information, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office at (530)752-6055.  Note: There is a deadline line to submit your waiver application.
  • Each quarter go onto MyBill (updated billing statements are available the 22nd of each month). If any of the items below have not been completed please contact Cherie Hood at the Student Accounting Office.
    1. Confirm the tuition/student fees are charged for the new term.
    2. Confirm the sponsor fee credit has posted for the new term.
    3. Confirm the health insurance sponsor fee credit, SHIP waiver or departmental award has posted for the new term.
    4. Confirm your student account has a $0 balance.

Where do I send my authorizations?

Student Accounting

P O Box 989062

West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062

Or email it to  sponsor@ucdavis.edu