Budget Framework Advisory Committee

Members of the Budget Framework Advisory Committee were appointed to provide advice and recommendations with respect to campus budget issues.

Members of the advisory committee provide ideas, critique and feedback on on budget issues and approaches with a primary focus on what is best for the university. 

Profile photo of Provost Mary Croughan.

Mary S. Croughan, Committee Lead
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor


Profile photo of Robert Brosnan.

Robert Brosnan
Professor and Chair, Robert Brosnan School of Veterinary Medicine and Senate Committee on Planning and Budget


Profile photo of Richard Corsi.

Rich Corsi
Dean, College of Engineering


Profile photo of Helene Dillard Dean.

Helene Dillard
Dean, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences


Profile photo of Sean Lynch.

Sean Lynch
Assistant Dean, Continuing and Professional Education


Sarah Mangum portrait

Sarah Mangum
Associate Vice Chancellor, Budget and Institutional Analysis


Profile photo of Dan Ransom.

Dan Ransom
Chair Staff Assembly


Profile photo of Pablo Reguerin.

Pablo Reguerin
Vice Chancellor Student Affairs


Profile photo of Noel Sousa.

Noel Sousa
Director of Finance, UC Davis Health


Jason Stewart Head Shot

Jason Stewart
Interim Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor, Office of the Provost


Profile photo of Elizabeth Vaziri.

Elizabeth Vaziri
Chief Operating Officer, University Library


Core principles

The Budget Framework Advisory Committee has assisted in development of the following core principles: 

  • Our commitment to students' success and experience will not be compromised. 
  • The good of the university as a whole drives the discussion of resource allocation adjustments. 
  • Administration and faculty have shared responsibility and accountability to support responsible financial management. 

Throughout this process, we will hold firm to our principles and primary mission by: 

  • Continuing to make progress on the strategic plan goals identified in “To Boldly Go.” 
  • Continuing to invest in infrastructure needs. 
  • Leveraging and diversifying our activities appropriately across all fund sources and strategically growing fund sources to support our mission and goals. 
  • Enabling all employees to work smarter and direct their effort toward the most benefit for the university. 
  • Using benchmarks and data in decision-making. 
  • Weighing long-term risks and return on investments.