Process Design

Realigning our business processes to align with the new Chart of Accounts and make the best use of Oracle Cloud Services

A key work stream of the Aggie Enterprise initiative will focus on Process Design with an emphasis on Configuration over Customization.

  • Configuration: As it relates to this project, configuration refers to optimizing our use of Oracle Cloud Services by reviewing, analyzing and updating current business processes. Contrary to the past practice of customizing a system to meet us where we are, we will instead realign our processes with industry best practices embedded in Oracle, making the best use of the system.
  • Customization: As it relates to this project, customization refers to the past practice of making complex system customizations to meet existing business processes. These customizations may not leverage best practices, and often result in system maintenance challenges, including significant manual work to keep systems updated. This project will mark a cultural shift in moving away from customization to configuration.

Process design teams will partner with UC Davis subject matter experts (SMEs) to explore existing processes, and determine any redesign required for the new Chart of Accounts and Oracle Cloud Services implementation.

Areas of Focus:

  • Financials:
    • Accounts Receivable & Cash Management
    • Account Reconciliation
    • Asset Management
    • Billing/ Recharge
    • Chart of Accounts & General Ledger
    • Financial Consolidation and Close
    • Tax
    • UC Path Integration
  • Grants
    • Awards/ Grants Management
    • Billing & Revenue
    • Cost Management
  • Planning and Budget
    • Including Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Accounts Payable
    • Inventory Management
    • Self-Service/ Procurement
    • Travel/ Pcard/ Banking
  • Controls & Risk
    • Access and Security
    • Advanced Financial Controls
    • Financial Reporting Compliance
  • BI Reporting
    • Including Data Hub and Narrative Reporting