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Important Information
Spring 2015 Quarter fees and tuition are assessed, and all authorized aid for the term will be credited to your UC Davis account. This appears as Estimated Financial Aid on your statement and will be applied to your outstanding balance. If you have an Amount Due, you must pay that amount by the Fee Payment Deadline, March 15, 2015 to avoid being dropped. For Financial Aid to fully disburse, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units (waitlisted units do not count). Financial Aid will disburse to your account on March 20, 2015. Remainder refunds will be available for eligible students on March 26, 2015. If you would like to enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) students and their authorized users can now enroll online using MyBIll at http://mybill.ucdavis.edu. To use the DPP, you must apply and make the first payment by March 15, 2015. Any graduate student who has not paid the required fees for Winter 2015 by February 26, 2015 will have their Spring 2015 registration cancelled and will not be able to enroll in any coursework for Spring 2015 until this financial obligation has been met.

Direct Deposit
If you haven't signed up for Direct Deposit please visit our website at Direct Deposit

MyBill Online Payments

Enrolled UC Davis students are billed automatically on the Student Account Suite ("myBill"); no paper statement will be sent.

Advantages of myBill over paper:

  • View & print previous statements (up to one year)
  • Online payments post immediately to Banner, the software used for the UC Davis Student Information System
  • Authorize others (parents, etc.) to view & pay their bill
  • Set up automatic monthly payments, up to a maximum amount specified by the payer
  • Schedule future payments
  • Available 24 hours a day Sunday - Friday (and 10:00am to midnight Pacific Time Saturday)
Students may only opt-out of electronic billing by applying to do so in-person at Student Accounting. Opting-out of electronic billing also precludes the student from use of any electronic functionality including authorized third-party access, electronic payment options, and ability to access prior statements.

See Reading the Student Bill for more information.

For Mac computer users, see the Step by Step Guide: Set Adobe Reader for PDF Files on a Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions About myBill

Q. What forms of payment are accepted on the myBill website?
A. Electronic Check ECheck and Discover Card payments are accepted.
Q. How long will it take to process a myBill payment?
A. Your eCheck payment will appear immediately on your account. For purposes of payment deadlines, payments must be made on or before 11:59 pm the day of the deadline. Different banks process eChecks on different timelines; contact your bank for more information.
Q. What happens if I bounce an eCheck?
A. eChecks, like paper checks, are subject to a $25 return item fee if your bank returns the check to Student Accounting unpaid.
Q. Is there a fee to pay using myBill?
A. Paying with an eCheck is free, however use of your Discover Card requires payment of a $12 fee.
Q. May I use the credit card convenience checks I receive as eChecks?
A. No. At this time no credit card issuers permit their convenience checks to be used in this way.
Q. May I write an eCheck against an investment account or home equity line-of-credit account?
A. This depends upon the policies of your bank or brokerage. Please check with your banker or broker before attempting to write an eCheck against these types of accounts.
Q. May I write an eCheck against a foreign account?
A. Only if the issuing bank participates in the United States Federal Reserve Banking System. Please check with your bank before writing an eCheck on a foreign account.
Q. How do I know the correct amount to pay?
A. When looking at your statement you will see Amount Due and a New Total Balance. The New Total Balance includes all the activity on the student account (payments, fees, purchases and estimated financial aid). The amount due is what needs to be paid.
Q. Does it cost extra to pay using an e-check?
A. No it does not. It is like writing a check just electronically so you will need your bank routing number to pay this way.
Q. Where does a student obtain his/her password for MyBill?
A. All students must use their 9 digit UC Davis student identification number and their passphrase when logging into MyBill. If a student does not remember their student ID number or passphrase, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at registrar@ucdavis.edu or (530) 752-3639.
Q. Where does a parent obtain their password for MyBill?
A. Once a student authorizes their parent as an authorized user, the student will provide their parents e-mail address. Parents will use their e-mail address and password to sign into MyBill. Initial passwords are e-mailed to the address provided by students during authorization. If a parent does not remember their password, use the password hint below the login on MyBill.
Q. Who can add an authorized user to MyBill?
A. Only students can add/delete Authorized Users to their account.

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